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Study Notes: August 6-27, 2016

What I've been watching and reading in this time: 
Other notes: 

Also check out: 
  • DoubleBlinded, "a new service for self-discovery and crowdsourced clinical trials." 
Homework for the future:
  • Read the posts linked to by "Responses to the Anti-Reactionary FAQ.". Eventually. 
  • Still on the to-do list: studying the Austrian School of Economics.
  • Also, don't forget to flesh this section out a bit more with goals in general, and maybe include a section on which of those goals were accomplished since the last update.
"Banishing Demons"
  • "God didn’t banish Demons from heaven. They did it to themselves."
  • "Most demons are basically spirits who have decided to try to act as if they don't need Source, or try to find a way to be without Source.  Demons often spend lifetimes working to find ways to be powerful without recognizing their connection to Source."
  • Demons who don't believe they are connected to Source are "stuck" and "have a game or few and stick with it." They may not know that they are demons, but through age have learned many things. 
  • Other demons know they are connected to Source but don't know it, and want to become their own Source. They deny the connection as much as they can. 
  • "Multiple Faiths believe the universe began when suddenly Source/God decided some form of 'I Am.'  Most of these Demons are looking to find a way to perform their own 'I Am' declaration and become their own source."
  • "You chose to wipe your memories, come here and experience this life.  Think of yourself as a Soldier on Vacation.  You left your Body Armor and Guns at home.  However, you ALWAYS have your radio.  If something is messing with you, you CAN call for help. You may have forgotten their names and your relationship with them, but there are a lot of spirits and Gods who still remember you."
  • "You may have noticed a correlation.  Many Demons are stuck in an illusion of separation.  Humans usually experience an Illusion of Separation.  Yes, the human experience can be very demonic. That’s part of why we interact so much."

"The Ritual of the Throat"
  • "It echoes the way a wolf will show subordination by lying on its back and baring its unprotected neck to the dominant animal. Such complete submission will usually end the fight. It means giving away one's control." 
  • The text refers repeatedly to "The One" (who is submitting) and "The Other" (who is being submitted to). 
  • "The Ritual of the Throat happened between the Girl and the Wild One, under the moon in the town of Thomasville, Georgia, in the backyard of Brother yiB. The location is not important, and is only mentioned to tell you that such things can happen anywhere. The ritual came about as a way to allow the Girl to remove suicide as an option. It is probably the only reason she is alive today." 
  • The ritual exists for one to give up control of zir death (not life) to the other, whose will to live is taken on by the first, who must have never considered suicide. 
  • Have to be open but focused, "near gnosis but conscious." This can be achieved via meditation, music, drumming, chemical enhancements, etc. "Get to that head-space where you're There and Everywhere at once." 
  • "Do this only where there is an asymmetry of attitudes: one death-seeking, the other life-affirming. Two suicidal people probably could not prop each other up this way."

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